Specialty Veterinarian & Animal Hospital in Columbia, MD

With three locations to serve you, Atlantic Veterinary Internal Medicine & Oncology is equipped to meet all of your pet’s internal medicine needs. As your local internal medicine veterinarian in Columbia, MD, our 10,000-square foot facility is our newest facility, located on Old Columbia Road.

animal hospital in columbia, md

Our Specialty Veterinary Services

Internal Veterinary Medicine

The skilled specialists of AVIM are qualified to diagnose, treat, and manage many different and sometimes challenging internal conditions in pets, including liver and kidney disease, pancreatitis, and Cushing’s.

Veterinary Internal Medicine Consultations

To help you best understand and manage your pet’s internal condition, our team will sit down with you for a thorough internal medicine consultation.

Comprehensive Cat & Dog Exams

A comprehensive examination is vital to understanding your pet’s health and prescribing the best possible treatment for their needs. We can perform in-depth exams to get the information we need and guide you in your pet’s care.

Pet Diagnostic Lab Work

With our diagnostic capabilities, we can be much more in-depth with the examinations we perform and diagnose conditions that may go unnoticed otherwise. Our facilities use laboratory analyzers, digital radiography, and ultrasound to elevate the level of care we provide.

CT Imaging for Pets

CT (computed tomography) imaging is an additional tool we can use to make a definitive diagnosis for our patients. Unlike other imaging tools, CT creates image slices that are then combined to create a detailed 3D image.

Cat & Dog Ultrasound

With ultrasound, we can use soundwaves to view the heart and abdominal organs in real time.

Cat & Dog Endoscopy

Our hospital uses endoscopy, a special diagnostic and biopsy-collecting technique that is less invasive than exploratory surgery, and helpful for diagnosing and treating various conditions.

Endoscopy Guided Biopsy for Pets

We can collect biopsy samples in a less invasive and traumatic way with the help of endoscopy. All endoscopic procedures are performed under anesthesia.

Endoscopy Guided Aspirates for Pets

Endoscopy can also be used to guide our aspirate procedures, where we use a hollow needle to extract cell samples through a delicate scope.

Ultrasound Guided Aspirates for Pets

Ultrasound not only helps in diagnosing; it can also be used to guide fine needle aspirates, allowing for greater precision and minimal discomfort for our patients.

Cat & Dog Bone Marrow Aspirates

If we need to test a sample of your pet’s bone marrow tissue, we can do that in our hospital with our state-of-the-art technology.

Pet Hospitalization

If necessary, we can keep your pet for hospitalization and monitoring after they have undergone an intensive treatment or surgical procedure.

Palliative Treatment for Pets

Palliative care gives pets that are terminally ill the chance to live out their remaining days in comfort with their families.

Cat & Dog Blood Transfusions

We offer blood products from dogs and cats so we can deliver much-needed blood transfusions to pets in need.

Feeding Tube Placement for Pets

Our patients can be supported as needed with feeding tubes, which help us administer nutritional therapies.

Chronic Illness Management for Pets

One of our specialties is managing chronic illness in pets with tailored treatment plans.

Cat & Dog Diabetes Management

Is your pet diabetic? Our team of specialists are here to help. They can monitor your pet’s condition and recommend and administer the necessary treatment to improve their health.

Stenting for Pets

We are able to treat tracheal obstructions and artery obstructions with stenting, which keeps airways and arteries open.

animal hospital in columbia, md


7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday:

AVIM&O of Columbia
10000 Old Columbia Rd Suite E
Columbia, MD 21046

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