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Bladder Stones in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can develop bladder stones? Bladder stones are small mineralized structures that can form in a pet’s bladder. Bladder stones can be large or small in number and quantity. If you have a dog, it’s important to understand what bladder stones may look like in your pet. If you suspect your pet may be suffering from this problem, contact your veterinarian for an examination. They may refer to Atlantic Veterinary Internal Medicine & Oncology, as this condition can be painful and dangerous if left untreated with the help of a medical professional. Bladder Stones in Dogs Is
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Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Cats

Do you have a cat? Are you concerned about the possibility that they might have kidney disease? Kidney disease is common in cats, especially as they get older. As a responsible cat owner, you may want to brush up on the symptoms of this condition so you can recognize it as early as possible. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common symptoms of kidney disease in cats. You can use this information to determine when it is time to see a veterinary internal medicine specialist and find out more about your cat’s potential health condition. Read
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Why Is My Cat Losing Weight?

It is only natural for cat owners to worry when their cat starts losing weight. This article will discuss several causes for feline weight loss, including mild to severe medical conditions. Prompt veterinary evaluation is important to diagnose and treat weight loss in the cat. For consultation, comprehensive testing and treatment of your cat’s undiagnosed weight loss, consider making an appointment with one of our board certified internal medicine specialists: call Atlantic Veterinary Internal Medicine in Annapolis at (410) 224-0121, Towson at (410) 828-0911 or Annapolis at (410) 441-3304. Your Cat May Be Stressed or Anxious Animals tend to eat
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