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Brewster’s Graduation from Lymphoma Treatment in Annapolis

Brewster Sanger is a 10-year old Golden Retriever with lymphoma who recently graduated from CHOP (a chemotherapy combination treatment) at our animal hospital! He is a patient of Dr. Silver that we began treating in February of 2019. What is Lymphoma? Lymphoma is a type of cancer that stems from white blood cells called lymphocytes. These cells assist the immune system in battling infection, and are found in the lymph nodes, bone marrow, and the spleen. Likewise, lymphoma is commonly found in these parts of the body. Lymphoma has many variations, but there are four in particular that are most
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The Case of the Pet Who Swallowed a Golf Ball

Sometimes, our pets eat things they shouldn’t, even when we think we’ve done everything possible to “pet proof” their environment. Strings, toys, bottle caps, and all manner of other items can be fair game for inquisitive pets; and if a pet cannot pass the ingested object on their own, medical removal will be necessary. Recently, a wonderful and curious young canine patient decided to play with, and then swallow, a golf ball. He was presented to Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Center (AAVEC). This is type of case is not uncommon, as dogs often swallow balls and other foreign objects. These can often
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